Antiviral (HIV)
Prevents Cancer
Potentiates the Therapeutic effects of chemotherapeutic agents against Cancer
Lowers Blood Cholesterol
Prevents Alzheimer
Exhibits potent Antiinflammatory effects
Accelerates Wound-healing
May prevent skin wrinkling/aging
Curcumin - Prostate Cancer
  1. I am Jugal K. Puri of 74-years age. About one and a half year back C A Prostate was diagnosed which showed metastasis in vertibral column. I was treated with anti-cancer therapy along with radio-therapy. After some time I came to know about curcumin Cur-500 Capsules and started taking the same which showed good results. From the last 6 months all other medicines including radiations have been stopped and I am put on only Cur-500 Curcumin capsules. It worked wonder and I am now fine and regularly taking Cur-500 capsules alone. Thanks to Indsaff for their Cur-500 capsules.
Curcumin - Pancreatic Cancer
  2. I am Prof. D.B. Narrang suffering from Pancreatic deadly cancer as a result of which I started hating taking any food. I came to know about curcumin Cur-500 Capsules from my daughter in California- USA. I started taking 2 capsules i.e. I gm/day/week and then increased the doze to 2 gm/day i.e. 4 capsules/day and so on upto 8 gms/day. From 4th week I started feeling appetite and asking for food. This was really wonderful that ever since I have gradually started taking food regularly and to my content without feeling any problem whatsoever. I am really grateful to this miraculous traditional Indian herbal medicine and their suppliers M/s Indsaff.
Curcumin - Crohns Disease
Secondly, we are now treating a female patient (33 year of age) with 1.5 g CUR-500
(3 capsules daily) who suffers from a chronically-active form of Crohns Disease and we are happy to inform you that for the first time in 13 years she is in stable remission since 3 months. This is an unexpected clinical success. To continue treating her, we now need 600 capsules of CUR-500 by air to Germany. Thanks your for your helpfulness.
By:Univ.Prof.Dr.MehdiShakibaei (Berlin/Germany)
Curcumin - Diabetes
  1. I was suffering from diabetes for the last 20 years and have been taking a number of different medicines from time to time as prescribed by various authorities. My Blood sugar was never controlled better than when I started taking curchman Cur-500 Capsules over one year back and maintaining the sugar level at around 90 Fasting and 130 PP with a regular dose of 2 capsules per day. By Mr. J K Puri. Age: 74 Yrs.
  2. I am Darshan Singh aged about 60 years. I am suffering from Diabetesfor the last 20 years. I have been taking various medicines as prescribed by different specialists. For the last about 4 months I am taking Cur-500 Capsules-2 Nos per day. It has not only controlled my sugar level and brought it down from Fasting 390 to 165 but I am also feeling more energetic. Thanks Cur-500
  3. I am Brij Sally aged about 45 years. For the last about 6 years I am suffering from Diabetes and have been taking different medicines at times. I started taking 3 cur-500 capsules per day from the last two months and my sugar has fallen from fasting 160 and PP 220 to 90 and 120 respectively and Aim feeling much better and more active. This medicine is very good and has no side effects
  4. I am Anu Berry (Mrs.) suffering from Diabetesfor the last 15 years and was put to insulin. About 6 months back I started taking Cur-500 Capsules i.e. one capsule thrice a day and am not only feeling much better but my blood-sugar has also fallen from 250 to 142 without any side effects.
Curcumin - Allergy
  1. I am Mukesh C. Berry, having asthmatic problem for the last about 10 years. I was taking inhaler thrice a day but by taking Cur-500 Capsules from 3-months back the problem has decreased remarkably. My intake of inhalation thrice a day has reduced to once a day. My digestion system has improved any blood cholesterol has fallen. No side effect has been felt with the use of the said capsules.
  2. I am in a business Where I am exposed to dust all the time. This effected my throat and it became highly allergic to dust. As a result, I was often having irritation in the throat besides severe and prolonged dry cough. Lots of medicines were tried from different sources but all proved useful only temporarily. I came to Know about Curcumin Cur-500 Capsules and I am taking one capsules daily for the last 3/4 months. It is really miracle and I am now fine. The cur-500 capsules seem seem to have made my throat dust-proof.
By Mr. Rajiv Age: 37 yrs.
Curcumin - Arthritis
  1. I am Roshan kaur (Mrs.) aged 50. I am suffering from arthritis and backbone pain for the last over 15 years. I started taking Cur-500 Capsules for the last one year-1 cap./day. After about a month I started feeling better and now I am not having any pain and am feeling very very happy and healthy, As precautionary measure I intend continuing the same for some time more..
  2. I am Neelam Bhalla (Mrs.) aged 40 years. I am suffering from Joint Pain & Arthritis from last 5 years. I started taking Cur-500 Capsules from last 6 month one capsule/day. I am feeling better by using this traditional medicines having marvelous results.